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Rhine Bridge Solutions is an international top management-consulting firm with a focus on strategy and strategy implementation. It is headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, and has a special competence in technology.

We serve our clients through

  • rapid recognition of interrelations, causes and their effects,
  • development and implementation of truly sustainable solutions and
  • achievement of strategic objectives to increase the enterprise value


With our services, we fundamentally support companies and organizations in all facets of their main functional areas. Please take a look at our Capabilities and Industries, to see where we have achieved outstanding solutions in cooperation with our clients. Our core competences: we are specialists for strategy development & transformation.

Rhine Bridge Solutions is fully owned by its active partners and maintains an international network in business, to leading research centres and universities as well as in politics and to reputable personalities.

Our universe of values

Rhine Bridge Solutions has committed itself to a code of values, on which we base our work and our interaction with clients and partners. We live our code of values on a daily basis and also strictly apply it in our own teams.





The success of a company depends almost exclusively on how the strategy of CEO / Board – its objectives and measures – is implemented throughout the organization. If the goals of CEO / Board are achieved, the Strategy Execution Gap is closed.

In companies, different stakeholders have the following objectives:

  • CEO / Board strive for the loss-free mediation and implementation of the strategy.
  • Managers, in the process of establishing a joint view on the strategy with CEO / Board, strive to identify and use methods and tools to achieve their goals in their relevant area of ​​impact.
  • Middle management strives to reduce complexity and to successfully apply methods and tools.
  • Shareholders, such as supervisory board or company owners, strive for the agreements reached with CEO / Board to come to fruition.
  • Stakeholders such as employees, work councils and general public strive for CEO announcements to come to fruition.

Our mission is to support our clients with our knowledge and the experience we have gained in the above roles ourselves in development and transformation of strategies, methods and tools.

Our five essentials to avoid the Strategy Execution Gap are:


Our Theses

  1. Strategy is the intelligent combination of formulating opportunities as goals and challenges as measures to be addressed while having deep knowledge of the company in its context.
  2. A realistic, integrated and transparent planning of the transformation maximizes its probability of success.
  3. The more accurate the pre-designed provision of budgets, resources and digital elements, the more easily the transformation will proceed.
  4. In addition to strong leadership, the most important component is experience: complexity of the measures to be taken and, above all, their interdependencies are almost impossible to be penetrated analytically and realistically have to be experienced and reflected through multiple transformations ex ante.
  5. Transformation is also transition of a cultural aggregate state into another – the right target climate increases reaction speed.