Whom are we looking for

A first class academic education und a minimum of five years of relevant experience in business and industry we take for granted.

You are most likely very smart and will make a perfect fit with us if you are curious, never lose your interest in acquiring new knowledge, are quick in connecting the dots, have a broad knowledge and can easily create connections. You possess a clear view on what is really relevant and can present your thoughts and results in a transparent and convincing way.

You provoke if necessary, but reason well and are gentle with others and respectful with regard to their achievements. You do not fear the truth and always have an additional brilliant idea.

We are looking forward to hearing from you, indeed.

How best to contact us

This is easy, but not to be taken too easily. Please just mail us just your curriculum vitae in tabular form and your sophisticated cover letter to email hidden; JavaScript is required

Nota bene: composition and design are part of your message.
We will diligently read both and quickly respond. Then we might ask you for further documents and personal references.

It’s a people’s business.